Mentoring is a key part of a student’s formation at Metro Baltimore Seminary.

 It is the student’s responsibility to schedule regular meetings with their mentor (at least once per month) and to come to those meetings prepared to share what is happening in their life, ministry, and schooling. At the end of each quarter student and mentor should each submit a mentoring report.

Click the applicable link below to submit a report:



These files will also be helpful.

The Mentoring Program Summary summarizes the requirements for the mentoring program as listed in the academic catalog and student handbook. It includes a list of recommended books – students must pick two books to read each year with their mentor from this list, or others as recommended by their mentor.

Our Mentoring Agreement spells out the basics of the responsibilities of a mentor.

Students can complete the Spiritual Life Inventory and share it with their mentor early in their relationship – this will help identify areas of growth and focus for conversations. They can revisit it annually.